Land transport

Land transport

The inland transportation platform focuses on the inland transportation of integrated port logistics, containers, general cargo, special cargo and large equipment; provides trunk and feeder transportation services to and from ports, cities, factories or gates.

Detailed introduction

Land transport exports to Vietnam, mainly from Guangxi's Pingxiang, Dongxing and other ports for customs clearance, Pingxiang Port is a larger and more commonly used port.

Time limit reference: take Shandong province to Baining province of Vietnam as an example, the time limit is about 5-6 days [domestic transportation, port customs clearance, transit transportation, overseas customs clearance, overseas transportation]]




Domestic means of transport:

● Each vehicle type of the whole vehicle includes: container truck (40-foot cabinet, 45-foot cabinet) flatbed truck, high rail truck, 9.6-meter truck, 7.6-meter truck, etc.

● Vehicles need to be filed at Pingxiang Port. The cost is about 200 yuan. The time is about half a day faster and the validity period is 1 year. Before arriving at the port, prepare the information and put it on record in advance to save time.

●Vehicles need to have an international road transport permit. When they arrive at the port driver's site, the processing time is relatively fast and the validity period is 7 days. Basically, one trip needs to be processed once.

● The largest vehicle in Vietnam is a 14.5-meter vehicle, so if the 17.5-meter vehicle is shipped domestically, it is necessary to consider the configuration of the vehicle when picking out the box/changing the cabinet at the Vietnamese port.

Domestic transport scenario:

LTL, companies in the north will collect goods to Suzhou first, while companies in the south will collect goods to Dongguan/Shenzhen first, and then send them to Pingxiang Port. Pingxiang also has a warehouse, but after comprehensive evaluation, it is still relatively cost-effective to send it to Suzhou or Dongguan and Shenzhen. The cost of changing buses and crossing the border in Pingxiang will be relatively high.

The fleet can solve the container problem by itself, unlike the need for regional ports to carry boxes like shipping.

If you do not have the qualification and do not want to apply for the qualification, you can transfer the goods to a qualified vehicle in the port warehouse (this method is wasteful and costly)

Vehicles arriving at domestic ports need to be weighed to obtain a pound list, make an appointment to queue up, cross-border transportation, Vietnam freight yard to pick out boxes/change containers, and return to China.


Land transport late-trip import declaration:


Territorial Customs Declaration

Vietnam's territorial customs declaration, such as goods sent to Beining, need to be declared in Beining local, customs declaration release will be the declaration form, release form and other documents to the customs declaration to the Chunjiang freight yard for on-site operation of the handover of goods, release procedures.

Advance Customs Declaration

Vietnam can declare in advance to ensure that the customs declaration has been completed after the arrival of the vehicle, reducing the waiting time of the vehicle. At present, in order to avoid congestion, the port usually also requires Vietnam to complete customs declaration and then release vehicles to cross the border.

Customer Customs Declaration

Many customers in Vietnam make their own territorial customs declaration. After the customs declaration is completed, the release documents will be given to the customs broker at the freight yard, and the customs broker will handle the handover of goods and customs clearance and release procedures at the freight yard.

Customs declaration authorization

It is necessary to communicate in advance who will make customs declaration in Vietnam. If customs declaration is required, foreign customers need to be authorized [U disk with authorized equipment, etc.

Customer self-mention

Usually LTL will happen. Generally, LTL will tell the customer in advance how much the goods are, and at the same time communicate with the warehouse. The customer will take the relevant information (packing list, proof that the goods are his) to the warehouse to pick up the goods.


Other Notes for Land Transportation:

① Vietnam imports need to have a certificate of origin, and there will be tax concessions when importing customs declaration [in advance, the original is required, and it is sent to the customs declaration personnel (foreign customers or customs declaration agents) by express delivery. In some places in Vietnam, scanned copies can be used first, and the original can also be supplemented later.

The process of land customs declaration is basically the same as that of sea customs declaration, and there will also be goods inspection.

③ Dangerous goods can not be exported to Vietnam by land port

④ To declare the information and physical consistency, customs declaration is basically no problem. Inquire about the declaration elements in advance to see if it is required by the state to apply for license, 3C certification, brand (electrical appliances, clothing, etc.) certification, etc.


Land transportation service content:



1. Land transportation throughout the country to Myanmar/Vietnam/Laos/Thailand/Malaysia/Kazakhstan/Russia/Mongolia/India.

2. Our company has set up its own fleet since 2018, with a total of nearly 100 vehicles and an agreed fleet of more than 500 vehicles, involving land transportation from all parts of the country to Myanmar/Vietnam/Laos/Thailand/Malaysia/Kazakhstan/Russia/Mongolia/India and other cross-border transportation, with full coverage of domestic transportation routes.

3. Our company established the Vietnam branch in 2015. It is an earlier maritime, air, land, and comprehensive logistics company in Vietnam. After years of practical operation, it has accumulated rich business experience. It combines the resources of shipping companies, airlines and extensive fleet collaboration. Most of the company's employees are proficient in multilanguage professionals. Efficient communication greatly improves the timeliness of cargo transportation, and can connect with customers in the first time and understand customer needs.

4. Our company has been continuously rated as an excellent supplier for many customers, such as Global International Freight Forwarding (China) Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhongrui Industry Development Co., Ltd.

5.Our company has extended international truck land transportation to various countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Europe.



Land transportation covers the import and export LCL business from transportation hubs in China: Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao, Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. through Guangxi Pingxiang Friendship Pass to all provinces in Vietnam. To electronic raw materials, headphones, mobile phone chargers, machinery and equipment, large-scale infrastructure business-oriented

In a good macroeconomic environment, on the basis of continuing to deepen institutional reform, the transport sector has vigorously carried out structural adjustment and enterprise restructuring, improved transport efficiency and service quality, and the transport situation has developed steadily. Railways and highways are the main modes of transport.

According to the entrustment of the customer, our company handles all the business before and after the export of goods on behalf of the customer. Review all kinds of lists and approvals provided by customers; Make all kinds of documents; shunting and customs declaration; Handling certificate of origin, insurance policy and commodity inspection certificate; Domestic transportation, inbound and loading; Issue bill of lading and settlement of miscellaneous transportation expenses; Handle import declaration, tax payment, unpacking/transshipment and delivery abroad.

Advantages of land transportation

-Road car transport is direct and door-to-door.

· Motor transport is flexible and time-efficient.

· Cost-effective.

Main business

Bulk and LCL, Containers, Bulk Cargo, Port Trailers, etc. Motor transport services mainly provide road transport services for various types of goods such as containers, bulk cargo, and groceries. Through the motor transport management system and GPS monitoring, efficient control and real-time tracking of transport services are realized.

Import and export customs declaration and inspection, certificate of origin processing, etc. Accept all kinds of export declaration business, including machinery, furniture, textiles, clothing, hand tools, decorations, dangerous goods, etc. For all traders to provide documents, commodity inspection, plant inspection, fumigation, and handle the certificate of origin (CO), universal certificate (F/A) and other related business.

Advantage services

Land transportation services are mainly engaged in cross-border transportation, bonded logistics, special transportation and general transportation.

Cross-border transportation: covering Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and other countries and regions, providing customers with high-quality and fast logistics solutions including customs affairs.

Bonded logistics: special customs supervision area, transit transportation, domestic comprehensive bonded area, bonded logistics park, bonded port area and other one-day tour services

Special transportation: refrigerated transportation, air cushion transportation, large transportation, etc.

Ordinary transportation: whole container transportation, LTL transportation, etc.

The advantageous routes of land transportation include Weifang, Shanghai, Kunshan, Guangzhou and Pingxiang Friendship Pass in Guangxi to Vietnam.



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