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Special box type

According to the different needs of customers, our company can provide a variety of special transport box type.

1. Open-top special container

This is a container with no top or open top, and a crane is used to load and unload heavy cargo from the top into or out of the container. This container is suitable for loading glass plates, steel products, plywood, machinery and equipment and other ultra-high goods, heavy goods that can be fixed by side walls, and goods that are difficult to load and unload from the door and must be loaded and unloaded from the top of the box.

2. Special frame container

This is a container that can be removed without the top and wall of the box and the end wall of the box, leaving only the bottom of the box and the four corners to bear the load. This kind of container is mainly used for large and large parts, overweight parts, light foam goods, heavy machinery, steel products, steel pipes, bare loading equipment, etc. that are not suitable for loading into grocery containers or open-top containers. Heavy goods, super-scale goods, goods that are not afraid of wind and rain, goods that need to be loaded from the top or side of the box, and goods that need to be fixed in the box will produce concentrated load.

3. Bulk special container

This is used to load soybeans, rice, malt, flour, feed and cement, resin, borax, chemical raw materials and other bulk powder granular cargo container. For some goods that require phytosanitary, such as imported grain, some need to be fumigated at anchorages outside the port. The bulk container may be provided with openings for the delivery of the fumigant medicament, as well as a fumigant gas discharge port, and such containers may be required to remain completely airtight during fumigation.

4. Tank type special container

This is a container suitable for loading liquor, oil, chemicals, dangerous goods and other liquid cargo. Such containers have special structures and equipment suitable for loading such goods. When loading, the goods enter the loading hole at the top of the tank; when unloading, the goods flow out of the bottom discharge hole by gravity, or are sucked out of the top loading port.


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Shengyang International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 5.01 million yuan. It is an international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the the People's Republic of China of China; executive director unit of China Customs Declaration Association; China air transport freight sales agent; member unit of China International Freight Forwarders Association; cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service enterprise of Shandong Province; commodity pre classification qualification enterprise.

Weihai Shengyang and Dalong Shipping successfully signed an agency agreement.

On April 23, 2020, our company Shengyang International Logistics and Dalong Shipping successfully signed an agency agreement, the successful signing of this agreement for the further development of Shengyang Company laid a better foundation, marking the rapid development of Shengyang business qualitative change.

Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone North District Opens Cross-border E-commerce Online Shopping Bonded Import Business

On November 8, Weihai Comprehensive Bonded Zone held a launching ceremony for the North District's cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded import business (1210). Xu Ying, Chief of the Comprehensive Business Department of Weihai Customs Office in Wendeng, said that the goods had arrived at the cross-border e-commerce storage center of Weihai Pan Asia Logistics Co., Ltd. for storage as early as October 30, where they could quickly leave the zone and enter the domestic logistics link after waiting for domestic consumers to place. At the launching ceremony, the guests went to the cross-border e-commerce storage center to witness the first cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded import business, and visited the cross-border e-commerce supervision site of Weihai Customs Office in Wendeng. Customs

Weihai Customs "two-step declaration" reform pilot officially launched

On June 12, 2019, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed to "continue to simplify the integrated customs clearance process, implement the reform of the" two-step declaration "customs clearance mode for summary declaration and complete declaration of imported goods, and greatly reduce the customs clearance time". In order to implement the State Council's "release, management and service" reform requirements, further optimize the business environment, and promote trade facilitation, Weihai Customs has recently deployed a "two-step declaration" reform pilot work. It only takes 25 minutes from electronic declaration to delivery and release, and Weihai Customs will complete the first "two-step declaration" reform pilot business. The smooth delivery and release of this ticket declaration form marks the "two-step declaration" reform pilot business.

The province's non-special cosmetics testing agency settled in Weihai

Recently, with the approval of the State Drug Administration, Weihai Customs Technology Center has obtained three qualifications: "Domestic Non-Special Cosmetics Filing Inspection Agency", "Cosmetics Administrative Licensing Inspection Agency", and "Cosmetics Registration and Filing Inspection and Testing Agency. This is the province was awarded the qualification of the customs testing agencies. Weihai's trade with South Korea is convenient. There are many kinds of South Korea imported cosmetics on the market, and there is a great demand for testing imported cosmetics. "Wang Jing, head of Weihai Customs Technology Center, said that if foreign cosmetics want to enter the Chinese market, they must first pass the inspection by the testing institutions approved by the State Drug Administration. In the past, enterprises often need

Return Logistics Solutions for World Famous Enterprises

More and more enterprises realize the importance of return management, and they take positive measures to save money and improve customer satisfaction. No one likes product returns, but this inevitable "tumor" of the supply chain is causing concern for businesses, which have recognized the importance of returns management to customer relationships, brand loyalty and net income. This past year in particular, we 've noticed that more executives are focusing on this area, and they want to understand why returns occur, the financial impact of returns, and how to reduce returns. Return management is complex and includes not only products that need to be quickly stored and resold.