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The implementation of "one-stop service" one vote to the end, the whole process is responsible

Shandong Shengyang International Logistics

Shandong sheng yang international logistics was established in 2007 the company is located in china · weihai shandong. The company has its own property rights of the office environment is stable and comfortable, can better serve customers. Shengyang International Logistics Company was established in 2007 with its headquarters in Shandong With the continuous development of business, on the basis of gradually establishing a coordinated and orderly system organizational structure with clear rights and responsibilities, Shengyang has been playing a steady and steady role, grasping the market pulse and capturing the market demand. gradually expand to international freight forwarding, logistics, trade, shipping and other fields, and constantly improve the logistics platform, which is in an important position in the industry.

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Vietnam Shengyang

Vietnam Shengyang was established in 2015. It is an earlier maritime, air, land and comprehensive logistics company in Vietnam. · After 4 years of practical operation, we have accumulated rich business experience. It combines the resources of shipping companies, airlines and extensive fleet collaboration.

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