Shengyang International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 5.01 million yuan.


It is an international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China; a standing director unit of the China Customs Brokers Association; a sales agent of China Air Freight Forwarding; a member unit of the China International Freight Forwarders Association; a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service company in Shandong Province; goods return Qualified enterprises.


It has successively won the honorary titles of "China Top 100 Customs Declaration Enterprises", "National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprises", "Top 100 Chinese Freight Forwarders" and "Trustworthy Typical Enterprises". Approved by the General Administration of Customs to become a customs certification enterprise.


With the continuous development of the business, Shengyang has gradually established a coordinated, organized and organized system organization structure with clear powers and responsibilities, grasped the market pulsation, captured market demand, and gradually moved to international freight forwarding, logistics, trade, shipping Expansion in other fields, continuous improvement of the logistics platform, has always been in the leading position in the industry.


After more than ten years of development, the company has gradually improved to become a comprehensive logistics company that combines international freight forwarding business such as air import and export, ocean import and export with bonded warehousing, agency declaration and inspection, and inland supervision and transportation. The company has a team of talents with rich professional knowledge and experience. Based on the corporate philosophy of "integrity, dedication, unity, and pioneering", it has established its own brand among customers with high-quality, efficient, safe, fast and reasonable prices. Has a good reputation in the industry, import and export freight volume, bonded logistics business volume, customs clearance and inspection business volume and other comprehensive indicators are among the best in the industry.


Networked logistics services, "safe, convenient and fast"

The company has many years of professional and successful experience in road, airport, and port transportation, and has always been customer-centric, providing a full range of "lift-transport-deliver" one-to-one services.

Comprehensive transportation "One-stop service, efficient and economical"

Shandong Shengyang International Logistics Co., Ltd. adopts a comprehensive transportation mode mainly by sea, aviation, and land, and implements "one-stop service" with one vote to the end and is responsible for the entire journey. Our independent service provides one-stop service from the customs clearance exit of the customer's factory trailer to the customs clearance delivery factory of the destination port, which reduces the inefficiency and risks of the segmented operation and management of the inter-agent operation, and can achieve customer communication and feedback Received in time for timely processing.


Flexible settlement methods, "enhancing customer core competitiveness"

Utilizing a scientific logistics system, integrating transportation resources such as maritime, aviation, and land transportation. With comprehensive qualifications and good business integrity, we provide customers with freight payment and freight prepayment, and provide customers with safe recovery guarantee for sea freight. Provide long-term large customers with value-added services such as monthly settlement and replacement of funds for the carrier period, making customers more convenient in logistics activities.

Shengyang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

The company has many years of professional experience in road, airport and port transportation and has always been customer-centric.

Provide a full range of "lifting - delivery - one-on-one service"


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