Core Business

After more than ten years of development, the company has gradually improved into a comprehensive logistics enterprise with international freight forwarding business such as air import and export, sea import and export, bonded warehousing, customs declaration and inspection agency and inland supervision and transportation.

Vietnam Shengyang

Vietnam Shengyang was established on January 8, 2015. It is an earlier comprehensive logistics company in Vietnam for sea, air and land transportation. • After 4 years of practical operation has accumulated rich business experience. It combines the resources of shipping companies, airlines and extensive fleet collaboration. • Professional customs declaration team, logistics team, on-site personnel at various ports and harmonious customs personnel relationship. • Set up a special trading company to achieve the integration of trade and logistics, to achieve "one-stop" logistics

Air transport

Air Transport Business We cooperate with Korea, Asiana, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines to reach major foreign airports in two days. Air cargo requires a high time limit. For our company, the time limit can better reflect our value. From the departure of the goods to the transit, the Chinese company will track and contact the airlines. Until the goods land, the Chinese company will notify foreign companies by mail and voice in various ways, thus ensuring seamless connection to ensure the delivery time of customers. Through previous operating experience, it has been confirmed that it has been highly recognized by previous customers, especially in document convergence, communication and handling of emergencies.

Shipping by Sea

Marine transportation focuses on integrated port logistics and international multimodal transportation; provides domestic transportation of containers, general cargo and large equipment; undertakes logistics and supply chain management services of general trade logistics, free trade zone logistics, exhibition logistics, cold chain logistics, personal goods, food, cosmetics, automobiles and auto parts, electronic components, furniture, household and special goods, provide import and export booking, customs declaration, trailer, insurance and foreign port of destination related services to domestic and foreign customers, subsidiaries within the group, overseas companies and overseas partners.

Warehousing Services

We provide you with one-stop logistics services to meet your needs for handling large and bulk cargo. Our warehouse is equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that every step is efficient and safe.

Land transport

Land transport exports to Vietnam, mainly from Guangxi's Pingxiang, Dongxing and other ports for customs clearance, Pingxiang Port is a larger and more commonly used port. Time limit reference: take Shandong province to Baining province of Vietnam as an example, the time limit is about 5-6 days [domestic transportation, port customs clearance, transit transportation, overseas customs clearance, overseas transportation]]

Customs declaration and inspection

The customs declaration and inspection platform is to provide domestic and foreign customers, subsidiaries, overseas companies and overseas partners with customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, compliance and legal control and service guarantee for the import and export of goods at Chinese ports. The customs declaration and inspection platform focuses on comprehensive port logistics and international multimodal transport. Provide general trade logistics, free trade zone logistics, bonded logistics, e-commerce logistics, exhibition ATA logistics, personal goods, clothing, food, cosmetics, auto parts, electronic components customs inspection consultation, pre-classification, agency A certificate, mechanical and electrical certificate, 3C certification, old mechanical and electrical equipment, customs duty, etc.

Insurance Agent

The insurance agency platform focuses on domestic and international transportation insurance for containers, groceries, special cargo and large equipment; provides sea, air, international multimodal cargo insurance, carrier liability insurance and other related insurance services; the insurance covers a package of standardized insurance agency services for door-to-door, warehouse-to-warehouse pick-up, delivery, delivery, packing, unpacking, warehousing, loading, unloading, international transit, overseas pick-up, overseas transportation, overseas warehousing and overseas delivery. The service is considerate, professional and fast.

Cross-border e-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce: encouraged by national policies, in January 2014, China launched B2B, B2C, B2B2C and e-commerce bonded warehouse customs clearance services.. On June 1, 2015, the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement was officially signed, marking the formal completion of the system design for the construction of the China-South Korea Free Trade Zone and will soon enter the implementation stage. The China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement innovatively introduces local economic cooperation provisions, and clearly uses China's Weihai City and South Korea's Incheon Free Economic Zone as local economic cooperation demonstration zones to play a demonstrative and guiding role. The policy encourages imported products to achieve the purpose of breaking the monopoly and breaking the zero price difference, reducing transportation costs, reducing transportation risks, and truly realizing green e-commerce that benefits the people and is convenient for the people.

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